Without a moment to spare, it’s time you learned what we can do for you.

Whether it’s warehousing and supply chain logistics, manufacturing or field services needs, we’re continually applying rigorous scientific research and development, every day, to adapt, adopt and provide up-to-the-minute improvements and potential for all of our products.


Without question, we have your warehousing management answer.

  • Warehouse Managers have access to data analytics that provide real-time performance data to create warehouse efficiency.
  • Whether you track retail products, lot tracked materials, serialized parts, or expiration dates, we optimize all our interfaces to fit the situation.  It’s all about user experience.
  • Working with a huge variety of devices means you can choose the device that’s right for the job.
  • Because we know that each business is unique, we have the flexibility to strike a balance between barcode scans and labor.  This is where science comes in.

Our 16 years of experience shows in our depth of product features.  Whether its picking, receiving, site transfers, or manufacturing execution, we can solve your unique needs.

Receiving, Staging, QA, Put Away

Barcode incoming inventory only when it makes sense.

If you are barcode labeling everything that comes in the door, chances are high that our system can optimize labeling.

  • We support multiple barcodes per item and receivers can add new incoming manufacturer barcodes while receiving from a mobile device.
  • We support receiving in any UOM associated with an item while maintaining your base stocking unit.
  • GS1 barcode support allows companies to eliminate multiple scans and data entry for lot or serial tracked items.
  • We support barcode printing from our catalog of labels supplied by Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) for both thermal or laser printers.
  • Receive without scanning is an option that you can turn on or off.
  • Leverage Receiving license plates for reducing barcode label printing and easy put away to inventory locations.

Picking, Staging, QA, Packing

Be ready to pick up the pace when high volumes hit.

You only have so much labor, so make the most of it with optimization features that keep you in the black.  Picking is usually the most important process in inventory processing science.

For most inventory centric companies, the outbound side of the inventory is not only where most companies generate their profit, but its also the most labor intensive.

  • Pick each, case, and pallet in separate zones by separate individuals for fast parallel picks.
  • Combine a set of picks into one wave set with options to auto-ship or move to packing with secondary QA check.
  • License plates are automatically assigned during picks for optimal staging, packing, shipping, and site transfer receipts.
  • Over 30 picking configurations to help you work the way you want.
  • Short pick, unpick cancelled orders, or partialy stage picks with a hold status.
  • Auto-assign or manually assign orders in round robin fashion.
  • Order picks with routes are automatically distributed in reverse stop order.
  • FEFO, FIFO, primary pick, or hybrid models.

Sites, Customer Sites, Techs working together.

Site transfers are fun again.  Would you settle for fast and easy?

You could say we’ve mastered the art of site transfers.  Site transfers come in many flavors.

  • Site transfers are generated by user requests, API integrations, or min/max replenishment templates
  • Support single scan license plate scans, or require full receiving processes
  • Handles automatic QA hold and over receiving
  • Use In-Transit locations to track inventory when its on the move
  • Combine multiple replenishment transfers into a single pick and receive
  • Full license plate support

Get smart about what your inventory is doing.

Without information, operational efficiency becomes guesswork.

Warehouse managers are held accountable for results.  Dashboards are a great tool to keep in front of the chaos.  We combine a set of real-time dashboard tiles delivered by a scalable, secure platform on Microsoft Power BI and Reporting Services.

  • Access to over 45 standard reports that give you visibility to inventory, performance data, and reports to help you run a tight ship.
  • Create and distribute your own custom content packs for company wide reporting built on Microsoft Power BI.
  • Bill of Lading, delivery slips, pick tickets, and a variety of barcode labels are all included.

Smarter than the average pallet.

License plates can transform
a scan-a-thon into a one scan wonder.

The concept behind license plates start with the idea of a collection.  If you can track a collection using a serialized identifier (license plate number), then you can use a single scan for movements and transactions against a collection of inventory.  License plates not only bring efficiency in movements and transactions, but in QA processing and traceability reporting.

  • Choose Pre-printed License Plates or print during an operation on the floor for additional label options
  • Mass LP holds for efficient hold management
  • Supports nested LPs
  • Translate license plates into UCC128 data for ASN shipping